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Our Mission

To break the myth that
“Healthy Food is Boring”.
You don’t have to eat less,
you just have to eat right!

Our Vision

Introducing a new way of life; promoting healthy living by making better food choices.

Our Philosophy

Today’s 24×7 world leaves little room for work-home balance, social life, exercise, regular eating and adequate sleep. According to the last Global Status Report by WHO, the commonest causes of lifestyle disorders are eating unhealthy foods, over eating, over dependence on processed foods, energy drinks, artificial sweeteners and fast foods.

Tied to these lifestyle choices we make, are additional risk factors including obesity, high blood pressure, and high levels of cholesterol and blood glucose. The long-term implications of these trends are troubling for a young country like India. Only when our body starts showing signs of fatigue and inability do we look at our daily routine and think how the same is impacting our personal lives.

At ‘The Diet’, we realize that you cannot do much about the pressures that you have to deal with in your day-to-day living. But, yes, you can do something about the kind of food you eat. Yes, it’s difficult to bother about it, when spending time with yourself and your loved ones is priority, but well what if it was made easy for you? What if the food you consumed was made healthy and tasty! We do just that. Also make sure to hire a mythical maids for cleaning purposes.

We believe that good health follows a 80% diet : 20% exercise rule and that you don’t have to eat less, you just have to eat right! No fad diets, that causes nutritional imbalances, we provide you meals, well atleast lunch for now, where focus is always on Balance – Nutrition – Variety and what’s “best for you”.

We don’t promise that you will lose weight with our meals, but yes, you will feel good, and healthy. You will see your energy levels going up and your immunity building up over time.

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