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Preeti Gosain


Preeti Gosain, a nutritionist and a dietician by profession with over 15 years of experience, having done her MSc in Foods & Nutrition, believes in ‘wholesome, balanced nutrition’.  A true-blue Punjabi, she does not believe in compromising on taste buds. Due to her passion for good food, she has spent years in researching and figuring out on how she can balance “taste-with-calories intake”. She feels, nutrient debt, like a national debt can swell out of proportion if not controlled. Fad Diets, are short-term gains. Long-term, it’s not sustainable, and moreover results in serious deficiencies, least to say, health issues.  Preeti is a member of Indian Dietetic Association.

She is the founding member, partner at August Foods Company, under which ‘The Diet’ brand operates and has been personally involved in conceptualizing the menu to ensure it meets all your health requirements.

Her way of ‘paying it forward’ of all the experience she has gathered over all these years.


Nimisha Iyer


‘The Diet’ for Nimisha has stemmed out of a personal need. Having lived like any other teenager who do not realize the damage they do to themselves, Nimisha was faced with health issues like hypothyroidism, high-cholesterol, hormonal imbalances too early in life, resulting in her having to watch her weight and health constantly. So at the time,  when her friends would order everything on the menu, either at a restaurant or cinema, she was stuck for choices. Dal-Roti or Paneer-Roti or Paneer roll were the only options available. Further, having worked with as a communications professional for over 10 years, she realised that there was serious dearth of non-oily, non-greasy, no MSG, no preservatives options available around  her office. That’s when a thought struck her, why not make food healthy, and interesting by offering variety? Whether health issues or not, young or old, everybody needs it.

August Foods Company, under which ‘The Diet’ brand operates is her second inning in life, as she calls it! Nimisha is the founding member and partner at August Foods Company