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How do I Sign Up?

Use our online Register and Subscribe form or SMS Sign Up The Diet at +91 99209 40139 and +91 22 25501023, and one of our representatives will get intouch with you to help with the registration process.

How long should I sign up for?

It totally depends upon your reasons for joining us. If its related to staying healthy, then it’s a continuous process and we recommend opting for two weeks or monthly subscription. We however recommend you to first opt for a single meal option or a weekly option for a trial, before committing for a longer duration.

How long will it take for my subscription to be activated?

It takes 24 hours to max. 48 hours from the time you Register and Subscribe or your payment getting credited to receive your first meal delivery.

What if I am allergic to certain food items?

We request you to fill the contact us/feedback form and mention the same in the leave us a message section. One of our representatives will reach out to you to discuss your concerns/allergies in detail. Please do not proceed directly to payment option till our representative has spoken to you.

What if I am travelling and need to re-schedule my meal?

As indicated in the subscription plan and terms & conditions, for any reason should you need to reschedule a meal (max. limit – twice), kindly notify us 24 hours in advance or latest by 2 p.m. the previous day, failing which your meal will be charged.

How does it work?

  1. Choose – Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian
  2. Choose your Subscription Period
  3. Choose Payment Options
  4. Healthy Meals Delivered as per Schedule ( terms & conditions apply)
  5. Stay Healthy! Eat Properly. Every Day

How do I know that my meal is healthy and prepared in hygienic environment ?

Our daily menu is designed after detailed discussion with health experts to ensure that you get a nutritionally balanced meal. Please refer “Our Process” section, to understand more on the thought process that goes behind our planning.

From a hygiene standpoint, we follow very stringent quality control process internally. Our team ensures that we use the freshest ingredients which are stored in absolutely clean environment under controlled temperatures. We take great pride in our kitchen that we call our home and we encourage our subscribers to visit us any time to come and experience the same.

Will I lose weight with your meal?

Weight loss is subject to many factors. Since we just provide lunch, it depends a lot on what you eat during breakfast and dinner. With our meals, we are sure that you will stay healthy and if you follow the guidelines given by us for your other meals, with moderate exercise, yes, you may lose weight as well.

Is your meal suitable for a person suffering from Cardiac, Diabetes or Thyroid problems?

Yes, our meal is designed in such a way that it is suitable for a person suffering from cardiac, diabetes or thyroid problems. We do not use any refined foods and our meals are controlled, as it uses minimal oil, no trans-fat and no sugar.

We would still request you to get your doctor’s approval before starting on our meals.

How do you deliver?

We have engaged with a professional delivery service provider to take care of our deliveries.

Is your menu fixed?

Yes, our menu for the week / month is pre-decided. In order to give you a variety, we have ensured that you get Indian and International cuisine on alternate days.

What if I want to order more or something outside from what is planned for the day. Will I be able to replace my meal with what I order, or will it be charged additional.

Yes, you may order something outside from what is planned for the day. We do not offer replacement option, hence this will be charged as additional and will be delivered with your meal.

In the weekly menu that will be provided to you, you will be given add-on options with pricing. You can choose from there and you will need to place your order atleast 24 hours in advance or latest by 2 p.m. the previous day.

Do you have an expert advisory panel on board, to advice on the menu plan?

We believe in breaking the myth that healthy food cannot be tasty. We make it possible with the help of our panel of advisors comprising certified nutritionists, health experts and doctors, who provide us the necessary guidelines needed to plan our menu.

Can you help me decide a diet plan for myself?

Please feel free to write to us at [email protected] and we can discuss this option.

Do you provide breakfast, and dinner as well?

For now, we only provide lunch meals. Should we receive more requests for breakfast and dinner as well, we may consider starting this service in the near future.

You can put in your request by writing to us at [email protected] so that we can keep you posted.

Do you provide customized meals, as recommended by my dietician?

We do plan to offer this option in the near future. You can put in your request by writing to us at [email protected] so that we can keep you posted.

Do you provide organic meals?

Yes, we can, only for our monthly subscribers and only if we get enough enquires for this service. Please write to us at [email protected], should you wish to opt for organic meals. We will keep you updated on whenever we begin this service.